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I have found so much inspiration that I have started sharing my own addiction of tablescaping. Please feel free to join me as I enter my journey and share my passion for decorating with all my lovely little "treasures".

I decorate my home with vintage, thrift store, yard sale and hand me down items. I shop ebay with a vengance for dinnerware and glassware, the postal service must adore me!

I am very casual, but a bit fussy when it comes down to details. I have spent two thirds of my life in the south, but the southerners say my "nothern side" still comes out! I am guessing this is not such a good thing....and visa versa when I am around my northern relatives, "give me a break"!

Join me any way.......I hope we can be blogging buddies no matter where we all live :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

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Anika did this one all by herself.
  She was a little lazy today and didn't feel like loading up and taking it outside, but I gave her a break. (even though it would have been awesome out there!)
I did convince her to take out the iron once she was all done and start over!

 Guess I am pretty proud, so proud I made her a little scrapbook.  Please take a moment to check it out above.
She found some of my little stash of mini pumpkins to scatter about.  A glitter black pumpkin to add some drama. Candles, of course you need candles!

Of course It gets a little frustrating to take pics cuz something pink and chic always seems to make it into the background!

I try to make a room that is neutral, but it never stays that way for long.  The room always end up one shade of pink wether I try or not

How was your week?

Boy I am still tired!

Been Away....But Here I Am!

We played just a little today my Ani and me.
We have had this china just sitting around and today was the day.  Nothing fancy, just a quick little table.
The holidays are officially on us and you can really feel it!  Everything is getting so hectic.

My Anika's cross country team did very well in regionals and three members are going to STATE! I know she wished she was going to....but that darn injured "paw".  Her best girlfriend Maddison is the first girl in school history to make it to state competition, so we are very exited! 

Well I guess this really isn't so much about this table is it?  More like catching up!  I have been out of the loop for awhile and needed to touch base!

Anika is busy right this second doing her own version of a Halloween table!  Hopefully she will do a great job and we will share it with you in the morning!  After all she is a Newbie too so we will post her on Debbiedoo's ! 

I will try not to stay gone so long next time!
:*~Gosh who am I kidding, it's the holiday season, we will all get CrAzY busy won't we?:*~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New items I would love to have!!

When I find something stunning~I mean super wonderful, I wanna share!  It may or may not be your taste, but I thought a few of you just might like my new picks!
Here is the Link:

Grasslands Road Just Desserts Cupcake Pedestal Candy Jars Three Styles, Set of 3

          Cupcake Candy Jars~~~Yummy    
                                  Paper straws how vintage chic
                               Vintage chic straws~~~
Paper Straws Pack of 50 in Sealed Bag - Pink Polka Dot Drinking Straws
This whole collection is sweet.....Candyland dreams come true!!

I wish I had time for more.  Things have been truly hectic here.  We had a Halloween party and you know there was not one picture taken of the decorations or tablescapes before the flood of people came in!
The goblins and witches had fun, but I was drained and still am lol

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My New Bust

I picked up a bust from a nice lady in town who sells on ebay.  I won an auction and she was sweet enough to let me dig through her stash.
I knew I had to have this little gem and of course she had to be dressed in pink.  I know, I know, AGAIN it is Sunday and I am behind!

Here is my post for Pink Saturday.
Pearls, pearls and more pearls adorn my new bust.  Two of my favorite scarves and two of my favorite vintage rhinestone brooches.  I tucked a vintage hankie, edged with tatted lace, into her cleavage so she would seem demure.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Falling For Fall

 Well it's finally time.  The trees have finally started to change here and I thought I better get on the ball and do a tablescape before it was too late.
 I borrowed my neighbor's yard for this one!  They have a view of the mountains, we have the woods. They have the field with the hill for sledding and we have the woods, YAY! 

I Love these shots! The old barn, the field that was planted with corn up until a year or so ago.  We can watch deer out there during the day, fawns if we are very lucky. 

I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful state.  Tennessee has some of the most striking landscapes in the United States. 

  Thanks Brandy, for letting me use your front yard!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

:*~:*~Pink Saturday:*~:*~

Yes it is Sunday but, I had to go shopping to find more PINK!
I mean I have a lot of pink here at the house but......

Anika came home from spending the night with her 4-H agent Miriam (Miriam is also a great family friend now, we LOVE her) she had a speaking engagement on the radio at 9:30 a.m..  Anika says "let's go to the antique store mom" Well it didn't take me more than a few minutes to get dressed and we were out the door!  What 15 year old asks to go to the antique store? I checked her head for a fever even.

Rebecca over at Shabby Pink World always has the BEST pink stuff, so I am on a mission to try to keep up!  I know I will never do it, she must have a secret stash brought down from the heavens by angels or something lol

This was my find of the day!
Just sitting there on a shelf at the antique store singing my name.  I heard them quietly, yet firmyly  "Wendy, wooo hoooo Wendy, over here!" Beautiful soft pink milk glass sugar and creamer.  Okay they better be old because I paid antique price Sshhh, don't tell.  I came home and looked on ebay and couldn't find anything like it, (if you do, don't crush me okay?)
Antique baby shoes, my new addiction.  These beautiful rose covered mugs were a score at our local factory outlet, $2.99 with 30% off + an extra 15% (cuz I am still under 50, this only happens onFriday).  Only 2 left, but they are MINE!
And one fluffy pink scarf with a pink peony that was once on a stem, but is now a stunning pin....thanks to my glue gun!  You can find me and plenty of others who love pink at:
How Sweet The Sound


Lets not forget my Anika!!
She started her very own collection today.
She has been looking at fiesta for awhile, making sure she knows what it looks like, how to spot it etc.  She wanted to start a collection of her own.  Her space is kind of limited however (well my space really) so fieastaware was kinda out of the question.
Her favorite color is purple so she decided to start a collection of purple items for her future home!!
I think she made some very beautiful purchases.  I wonder who she thinks those his and hers fingertip towels are for anyway, Anika?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fathers and Daughters Pink and Cookies!

At my house sometimes you have to get creative.
  My hubby can work some long hours and my Anika may not get to see her "da~da~da" as much as she would like to.  (Yes, she is 15 and Yes, she calls him "da~da~da" so?) Well on those nights where she doesn't get to see him at all? This is what they do!
They have been doing this for months and when one of them forgets...oh boy!!! Now they even have colored markers, every color of the rainbow in that potty of hers (started out with just one dry erase marker)
They have been silly, heartfelt, even angry on occasion.....They have shared and made up.  Sometimes I get curious and other times I just stay out of there all together.

Sometimes I can hear one or the other come out of that bathroom giggling.  I might get to hear the funny stuff or I might just leave the whole question alone.  Sometimes  they just HAVE to tell me what's going on and I get the best laughs!
I keep saying I cannot wait to re~do this bathroom after Anika is gone off to college, but I will really miss the pile of markers on the sink.  Maybe I should make them a permanant fixture for this bathroom and when she comes home to visit, her and "da~da~da" can write notes again!

Check out my newest pink find! Tiny little pink satin balls on a beautiful garland.  I have never seen anything like these before...sure I have seen the big balls and have plenty off them, but these? NEVER!

I purchased these at Maxwell Vintage on ebay. OOOOh you don't know this place?  Dare I say it's a little treasure chest of fantastic goodies?

I found some lovely stuff this table runner.  I made an offer on it, but my offer was refused!  I was sad :(
I got my box today and inside? There was MY beauty...wrapped with care and smelling all sweet.
Thank YOU
So stop over at the blog and  be a follower, maybe skip over and see the ebay store?  You never know what you may find...make an offer, who knows right?
And Kailey........
You are the BEST 8 year old EVER!!!!
Look Y'all, she suprises us all the time....she leaves these on our porch so when we come home after a hard day, we have a treat!
They are chocolate covered on the back, yummy!  She even makes sure there is one for everyone....Kailey, you are the BESTEST!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anika you're Special!!

 Don't you just love a girl who can accessorize?
Look at my beautiful Anika...I let her dress herself for school today!!  Ain't she cute?  That Hannah Montana purse is just the right touch!
She stole her dad's slippers and didn't even bother to take off the clearance price tag, now that's class!
She might just kill me for this, but then again.....Nah she loves the attention!
Homecoming, got to love it!
Tacky day and one other girl beat her???

I have been given extra time to blog and this is why!
My Anika has been "benched"!
She did some pretty good ligament damage to her foot and ankle.  After x-rays and a mri they gave her some options and this is what MOMMY chose!
The doctor said it's a littl over kill, but if you have ever had a child with a cast that comes on and off, you know the routine!  I opted for "it's staying on till it heals!"  No whining, no complaining, no it looks ugly, it's itchy, I will put it right back on....yea...heard all before!
Cross country running for her is over for the season.  Although it is sad, she can still keep in shape and prepare for next year.

4-H can get all of her attention now,  Miriam? Where are you?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Peek at my BOO!

Please don't be scared, it's just the start of my Halloween decorating!
I had to follow the trend to start with, the Modge Podge and translucent glitter just looks so chic!

I know, I am the farthest thing away from traditional RIGHT!

The Candy is marshmallow twists that I repackaged.
I wanted to do traditional, but can you see awhole bunch of orange pumpkins in my pink living room, really?

Besides I can love these a lot longer because they sparkle and I do love my sparkle!

Well this is the begining and I talked it over with Kailey (she's  my home fashion consultant, she's 8 lol) and we adore it!

Can't wait to see what "spooky" ~giggle~ decor you come up with!
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