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I have found so much inspiration that I have started sharing my own addiction of tablescaping. Please feel free to join me as I enter my journey and share my passion for decorating with all my lovely little "treasures".

I decorate my home with vintage, thrift store, yard sale and hand me down items. I shop ebay with a vengance for dinnerware and glassware, the postal service must adore me!

I am very casual, but a bit fussy when it comes down to details. I have spent two thirds of my life in the south, but the southerners say my "nothern side" still comes out! I am guessing this is not such a good thing....and visa versa when I am around my northern relatives, "give me a break"!

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I didn't do today!

I didn't miss another 4-H event......umm sorry I missed the last one! 

 I didn't sneak a taste of ANY blue ribbon entries that were just sitting there out in the open without any armed gaurds!  I think that is pretty nice of me since the fair is still a week away and nobody would have had a clue if I was just going to have a small bite!

I didn't steal Miriam's antique quilt and make a run for it!!  That's gotta count for SOMETHING!!!
 I didn't take this awesome picture of a piece of watermelon that is made out of a piece of a tree trunk.  I conned a poor little 4-H'r to take pictures for me.

I didn't take this AWFUL double cheesburger back to the counter at McDonald' was cold and the cheese was colder, but I was sooooo hungry.  If I am unavailable in the morining check Laughlin Memorial.

And I don't care what anyone else tells you.....I did not find this puppy cute!
I think she is the silliest thing I have ever seen.  She is a runt, a little goofy looking and look at the way she prances around like she runs the place.....How can anyone think this is even close to precious?

So I did nothing all day.....
Oh just out of curiosity what do you think about Zsa Zsa for a name for a puppy?
Not that I would ever get a puppy of course, but if the girl thought about naming one?