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I have found so much inspiration that I have started sharing my own addiction of tablescaping. Please feel free to join me as I enter my journey and share my passion for decorating with all my lovely little "treasures".

I decorate my home with vintage, thrift store, yard sale and hand me down items. I shop ebay with a vengance for dinnerware and glassware, the postal service must adore me!

I am very casual, but a bit fussy when it comes down to details. I have spent two thirds of my life in the south, but the southerners say my "nothern side" still comes out! I am guessing this is not such a good thing....and visa versa when I am around my northern relatives, "give me a break"!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playing Catch up with Ketchup

What a busy day!  There was so much to do.  I had prescriptions to call in......OK, raise your hand if you have a mail order pharmacy and want to scream every time you need a refill?  I am the only one?  Sniff sniff sniff.......Then you don't understand? I am crushed because it's a unique experience and I needed a shoulder to cry on!

Then I had to Call the docotor's office to make two appointments cuz dearest hubby slept through his lab work appointment, yep his appointment with the nice lady who makes bruises on his arm and can't find a vein anywhere.  Well it wasn't soooo bad, so I won't complain about that one.

It's really not fair now that I have a blog and some of the town knows it.....I can't complain too much or word can get back.  I could get into BIG trouble.

The library was great, but were out of the book Anika needed for her summer reading project.  The kids who have the book checked out?  Don't think they need to return them for others to read I guess....Can you tell at this point my day wasn't going all that well? 

I  needed to go to the post office and pick up a parcel that the mailman was supposed to deliver. I guess he decided it was more convenient for me to drive into town to get it.

My checkbook, out of checks.  I didn't order any either, suppose I thought I didn't need them? 

The list is endless of today's ups and downs, actually it's been a week of ups and downs.  I wanted to pull the car over and cry, but instead I pulled into......
A couple of thrift stores!

Well I saw a wonderful post about vintage brass candlesticks this week, but I cannot remember where, (I will and update this post) They were so very inticate and I loved them so that when I saw this.....I had to have it!!

Okay, now I remember it was at Fabby's Living
where I fell in love with the awesome candlesticks!!
You will have to check them out!!  candlesticks
Of course no brass polish was to be found (that would be TOO EASY right?) but then the light bulb went off.  Ketchup!!  Yep, years ago someone told me to use ketchup to polish my brass.  I never tried it, I always had "Brasso" around, but it works.  Okay it's not as great, but it got my new treasure shiny enough for my wedgwood plate to make a statement!

Whew, How was your day?