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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anika's room

She's ready for school to start, so she is "nesting" I guess.  She starting earlier today and she has been cleaning all day.  Going through drawers and the closet, picking through clothes and shoes.  I saw a trash bag get filled up and head to the trunk of my car, clothes I hope!  She has enough for a couple of girls her age!  People always comment she never wears the same outfit or dress twice, they just don't know that we are very good shoppers and know how to mix and match very well! 
She is not allowed to wear t-shirts to school (go ahead and shoot me now!!) last year I let her wear one the last day of school and I even let her wear tennis shoes!! I just think she is a young lady and needs to have a little "sass and class" about  her.....hey, she doesn't complain much as long as mom and dad are keeping the the clothes coming!!  Don't feel sorry for the princess, she really doesn't mind!
Well since all the cleaning was going on I figured I'd take this chance to take some shots of her room......won't be long before it looks like a bomb went off in there again!

Yep that's a little marine bear
Her favorite color is purple, but knowing my whole house is pink.......well come on! She LOVED all the Paris themed stuff at "Hobby Lobby" so we ran with it!  
AAAAaa you see the "B" on the wall?  That would stand for "Barbie" ummm that's her knickname, her dad calls her Barbie all the time!  We run on knicknames around here, maybe I will tell you what they all are some day!
Yeah, my camera really stinks!  Or maybe it's the person taking the pics?
I noticed at one time today I was taking shots in Macro.

This is her Motto!  Although we have never had to wait on her to be ready, it sure can take her a LOOOONG time.  She has waken up 2 hours before school to "do her thing"!
We used to tuck her in every single night, yep she is 15!  We had to give this nighttime routine up though cuz she would talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.........and talk......then she would get up cuz she forgot something and we would have to start the process all over again!
(Nobody reads this blog honey, it will be ok shhhhh)
If you look close you can see her boyfriend in the background.
He is a great young man and we can't wait to see him again!
This looks a little more like a teenager huh?
Her waiting on her man mirror.
Counting down the days till Erik gets hom from boot camp.
Young love.....he is a good boy from an awesome family that we couldn't be more proud of.  We gave him the knickname "Foo", We all miss him soooo very much, but not as much as her.  He must adore the ground she walks on too for he has put up with all the rules of dating a girl who can never car date or go anywhere unchaperoned.

Well how did you like our little tour.....Yep, I need a new camera or a better photographer!