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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My New Bust

I picked up a bust from a nice lady in town who sells on ebay.  I won an auction and she was sweet enough to let me dig through her stash.
I knew I had to have this little gem and of course she had to be dressed in pink.  I know, I know, AGAIN it is Sunday and I am behind!

Here is my post for Pink Saturday.
Pearls, pearls and more pearls adorn my new bust.  Two of my favorite scarves and two of my favorite vintage rhinestone brooches.  I tucked a vintage hankie, edged with tatted lace, into her cleavage so she would seem demure.
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  1. Sophisticated and feminine- how lovely

  2. This is so beautiful...what a gorgeous bust and love how you have embellished it. Hugs, Gayle.

  3. Your bust is gorgeous! I adore all the pearls of course pink is a must!

  4. Loving the pearls! It's ok if you are late! I'm always running late. It was a busy weekend for me too!

    I say better late than never and I didn't make it this time, so you did better than me!

  5. Wow!!! Love the Pearls and Lace!!! Just gorgeous favorite combo too!! Please come by my blog and join me for Pearls and Lace Thursdays!! I'm so glad I found your blog...I'm a follower now!!

  6. Hello and thank you for having me. Isn't it amazing how a few pearls and lace can make anything drip with romance. I love your half body. She's beautiful. Hugs. Tammy

  7. Hi lovely lady.
    This is Gorgeous I love pearls sweet lady.
    You did a Beautiful job putting the together so lovely. I would like to thank you so much for your comment last week. I just post a new Tablescape maybe you can come see.
    XXOO Diane

  8. I saw the title "My New Bust" and thought, "uh oh...she has gone off the deep end!!! Happy for you, but don't really wanna see your boob job! TMI!!!" How relieved was I to see this beautifully bedecked bust instead! :-) Gorgeous!!! You did a fabulous job! I have a couple of these in my dressing room, and I love to play "Barbie" with them on occasion! Great pick from the lady's stash!

  9. Alycia...I was going to put "my new boobs" in my title but....I have had a lot of fun with "her" already. Of course my inspiration was my necklace collection and wanting to play with scarves. I think she will come in handy as hostess also...who says she can't dress to match a table??

  10. Wow this is brilliant!!! love the pink (of course) and the pearls .... xo HHL

    p.s. everything tasted as good (and better) than it looked in photos ... I hear yoga calling me , now... lol..

  11. I love bust forms-I've got so many because I work retail and have been able to pick them up cheap or for free! Love what you did with her!


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