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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lighten Up!

Things have been so "heavy" around here as of late.  Seems like everything is so dramatic and eventful that I just needed to kick back and do a little "chillen".

Anika had a dentist appointment yesterday. After I picked her up from school,we hit a thrift store!  We were early!  Who knew the line in front of the school was going to be short, the traffic was good and the thrift store was right on the way.

You know you have seen these frogs before~but have you ever seen a PINK one?

Here I am soaking his mouth out with soap, he has seen many a steel wool pads!
A new pink chic vase and a milk glass plate.  Yes I have a set of theses milk glass plates, paid a tidy sum for them.......this one was $1! S-C-O-R-E

This was my next found treasure,  A vintage Home Interior Ladle!  Don't you love my great pictures?   Nice and blurry huh?
Well I had every intention of painting this pink, would I ever find it in my house? 
So I picked up the green sparay paint and now I think she is a beauty, but now the whole wall needs a re-do.
I will have to get back to you on that one lol 

I hope you get to spend some good quality time doing what you enjoy today!!!~


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  1. Wonderful treasures ... and it looks marvellous in green. What a treat to find the frog in pink... it looks so much sweeter (than its green cousins)..happy Wednesday , HHL

  2. I'm jealous-I'd love to have the pink one-I have a turqouise one though-great finds!

  3. Oh get you girlfriend. Fantastic finds and great makeover. I love the soft green.

    I hear ya loud and clear about busy lives. Funny bow we always manage to get to thrift stores though isn't it? I have just posted on that exact thing...Me an addict of course not......cough cough!!! I'm so glad to see that you share the same affliction, Kindred spirits, thats what we are. lol

    Anyhoo, I must be off as I have to get my own posting on here (first time in weeks) so watch out for "table D".

    hugs Jo

  4. Visiting from Pink Saturday. That frog would look marvelous on my kitchen sink!! What a find!

  5. Great finds all but my favorite is the adorable pink frog. Frogs are definite favorites with my grandchildren and this Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny. Happy Pink Saturday :)

  6. Blurry pictures or not you did very well on your outing. I have seen many of the frog soap dishes, but not in pink.

  7. Happy pinkness...Happy Autumn....I am so excited for Fall, I know you are too !!It just makes me want to cozy up...enjoy your week-end!
    God Bless You

  8. Really like the ladle, what a creative idea! Now I'm going to be looking for one to paint too ;D


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