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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good News!!

Well today a very special thing happened in our family.  We got up early, (earlier than we would have had to being it was the first day of school) and went to town.  We met our lawyer and then headed to the courthouse.
With the strike of Judge Wilson's pen......Anika Hope got the use of her name legally! 
This might not seem like a big deal to some, but it is, a big deal to us.
She is not our child by blood and we have only had her in out home for a little over a year, but she wants to be "ours" so bad and this is a step in the right direction.
I wish I could go into greater detail, but you know some matters have to be private for such BIG reasons.  To put them on a public blog for the whole world to see would only be displaying a part of her life .....I don't want to do that.

So, she got to walk into that high school today, with legal papers in her hand proclaiming...
"I am Anika Hope"  She was so proud and hubby and I  by her side were kinda proud too!

We have been "mom" and "dad" for a long time and she has been our daughter......but today was extra special because she signed into school like our "new born" with a name we gave her and she was excited to get.


Happy new Birthday to you!


  1. Oh that is wonderful news! Congratulations :)
    She is just beautiful too.
    I am happy for you!

  2. I had a student who went through something like this, so I know how big a deal this was for all of you. Congratulations!

  3. Hi Wendy...I am sooo happy for your family!! She is very blessed to be a part of your family! Thanks for stopping by our new blog...we just became a new follower...great blog. Go Tennessee! Julie

  4. Congrats on that, I know it is a big step. She is a very lucky girl to have people to love her that much.

  5. She has sooooo many people who love her, she is a very lucky young lady.

  6. How absolutely wonderful!!!!! What a beautiful young lady!

  7. Thank you so much for popping by my blog! :)

  8. I know, I have been so busy being a domestic Goddess. lol You should see my cup cakes, Oh wait you can't, well just look at my extended waisteline. UGH!

    "D" is on it's way!

    Your blog is great by the way, did I already say that?


  9. Oh Wendy, I just read this post. It is so amazing! I am so happy for you all. I fully understand that you can't say to much on here in blogland. My sister in the UK adopted two little girls a couple of years ago, and we have to be a bit discreet too.

    It is a wonderful thing to see gorgeous kids going into great families. a good all round outcome to an otherwise difficult situation.

    Weel done my friend.

    Love Jo

  10. Thanks Jo....

    I wish I could scream out loud, but.......

  11. Well as far I am concerned my love you should be shouting and screaming....a lot....and very loud! I'll tell you what, I'll shout and scream for you! I'm not afraid of sounding like a fish wife!

    Happiness is something to shout about. You go girl!!

    I actually think it is the best post I have ever read on here. I love a happy ending.

    Love Jo xx

  12. In private? We all did a happy dance lol

    We can be qute silly!

  13. well congratulations

    we have an adopted child in our family and it has made everybody happy

    we all want LOVE


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