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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Purple and Green for Summer

What says summer better than eating outside?
I cannot imagine anything that makes summer more pleasant than a good meal eaten in nature.
Anika and I took a table outside this fine afternoon and started setting up. We had many ideas which included some lavender mats under our Waverly dinner plates.  Of course, as with many great ideas, the ideas came and went.  We redid the table a couple....well a few different ways.
We had chairs at one point....then we set them aside.  There was talk of going to get the round table and opting for a dinner for two, but we scrapped that. Our neighbors were cooking out....we were thinking they might like to "borrow" the table when we were done, after all they are the family of four we didn't want to break the table down to two for!
Well enough "chit chat"
Here is what happened and we Loved it!!

It was a beautiful night and we had a lot of fun,
time to put our "toys" away Anika!
"aaah mom, do we have to?"
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  1. What a beautiful choice of colours! Your table looked so inviting!!! Happy Saturday..HHL

  2. Beautiful!! I love it!!! I wish I had your talent.

  3. Beautiful table. Love the candles and the purple!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous combination of colours for this beautiful tablescape! I love the lace plates with the ribbon thru, lovely. The purple is very different, congrats! Hugs, FABBY

  5. A beautiful way to spend your evening. I love your table with the candlelight and the colors in your china. Just lovely...Love your photos, especially the last one with the gorgeous lavender candle with its smoke. great post.

    The French Hutch

  6. Green and purple are really such a beautiful combo. Your table is lovely. Love your plates and the cute serving plates with the ribbons too. Great photos of the candles. Happy sunday xo marlis

  7. Very pretty! Love the colors, and the shots of the table in different light. I never EVER remember to do that!

    The capture of the candle with it's ghostly smoke is just SO cool.

    Lovely blog!

  8. cracked me up!! I like the party cooking and don't much like the everyday kind, I keep it very simple! Thanks for the return visit pretty lady, I so enjoyed it! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  9. How beautiful and fun! I love the lavender with the green combo.


  10. What a gorgeous table scape! I love the color combination. Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party. Have fun!~

  11. How cute are you two?! Love that woven ribbon :) Your table is fantastic.


  12. Wendy, You have used one of my favourite colour combinations - purple and green - and you have done it so well! Thanks for stopping by - I bought my orange flatware in the seaside town where we have our beachhouse. I paid $4 for a setting of four!!! I tried to get some on the weekend to send to you but they had sold out! I will keep my eye out for some,

  13. suzq....
    I went over to your blog, about DIED! UGH, what a bargain! I love them so much and the others were FAB too.....I will keep hunting. Halloween is coming lol gotta have the orange somewhere~giggle~
    Thanks for the great compliment, I love the Purple and green SO HARD to find anything purple!

  14. How precious that you put the ribbon through the plate edge...I love that! Everything looks beautiful...the color combo of purle and green is perfect together :)

  15. What a glorious table. I too love eating outside. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. So sorry it's taken me so long to visit.

    - The Tablescaper


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