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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apothecary Jars

 It all started when I was going through my scraps of papers.  See that little chocolate picture in the background?  I was going to make ornaments for Christmas, but then......Well that girl of mine LOVES, no, she adores pickles!  When She first came to visit us, she ate pickles!  We thought, "hmmm, she likes them."  Little did we know she could eat them 24/7 and never tire of them.  About 70 jars later, I wised up!  I now buy huge bottles of pickles in "eco-deluxe" sizes, but what would I do with all those bottles?

Well, my brain sometimes goes into overdrive......some don't know this, some just get out of the way and let the creative monster run wild! 

I saw this big pickle jar as a challenge and my brain took over.  I have seen this on the internet in a few places, but not exactly like this.  I didn't want to have to go out and buy anything, 1. because I didn't want to get dressed 2. because I am cheap.  I began to scour the house.  I do this on a regular basis and of course, that's why things change around here so quickly. I spotted a set of glass candle sticks that never really made me ooze with happiness, they could go.  Sigh, my wooden curtain rod? It would have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Everything got a few coats of  "coffee bean" paint, the picture got enlarged and printed out and we were on our way!  I was so excited the whole time, it was like creating my very own materpiece.  Of course I am me and I had to pull out my hair dryer to speed up the process.  My pink 1875 watt dryer was blowing out as much hot air as I do when I am wound up lol!  I think in total there are three coat of paint on everything.  The paint looked yummy too, had to stop and eat a Dove bar ~Yummy~

I Love Modge Podge!!  The smell reminds me of being a kid making projects in Brownies.  Well Modge Podge is what makes this the best project EVER!  I cut out the "label", centered it on my jar and wiped away any Modge Podge that got onto the glass.  Oh yes, it's me.....I had to lay the clear glitter to it!  This makes it all mine!  It dries clear even though it looks like a huge mess while you are doing it.
Lastly, I jst hot glued everything together. LOTS of hot glue.  The finial has a screw in the bottom.  I screwed this through the lid, but also added glue for extra security. I would have liked to have used epoxy or Gorrila Glue, but alas, I was lazy and didn't have any on hand.
This will not be my only apothecary jar.  Anika ADORES pickles remember?  She is now eating her way through jar 2 and I have plans for that jar already.  The only problem is they can only be decrotive unless you have sealed items going inside......the jars will smell like pickles for forever???

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