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I have found so much inspiration that I have started sharing my own addiction of tablescaping. Please feel free to join me as I enter my journey and share my passion for decorating with all my lovely little "treasures".

I decorate my home with vintage, thrift store, yard sale and hand me down items. I shop ebay with a vengance for dinnerware and glassware, the postal service must adore me!

I am very casual, but a bit fussy when it comes down to details. I have spent two thirds of my life in the south, but the southerners say my "nothern side" still comes out! I am guessing this is not such a good thing....and visa versa when I am around my northern relatives, "give me a break"!

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Brunch

Not to often do you see these colors at my house but, hey I let them take over the whole living room for this :*~magical brunch:*~
Curling ribbon  ruunning through vintage milk glass plates:*~:*~ I love this!  Candy canes with sequins? Oh My!  I am CrAzY over my vintage Santa candle!!  If you look closely at his eyes, you can tell exactly where he was made!

Found my cute little cheese spreaders at an outlet store.  They look like they are made from little peppermint candies.:*~:*~:*~
  Tablecloth from my vintage stash

Loving my Christmas bell "Swanky Swigs" and to think I only paid four dollars for the set, Yay!
Red flatware and green Libbey stemware set this off so very nicely.

Very Vintage looking....well by my standards.  I remember this kind of stuff from when I was a kid, red and green was IT for Christmas.

I hope your Christmas was as memorable as ours was.  Full of suprises, laughter, love and fun!!  I hope the new year brings you and yours great peace,  joy and yes.....laughter also!! Laughter is a MUST in everything you do, without it?   Life is just ~:*~:*~ NO Fun:*~:*~
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  1. Hello my lovely Southern Northerner, or is it Northern Southerner? Ah who cares, a very happy new year to you and yours. Your table is delightful, really, I love it! I think you have brought the best of the traditional colours together and made them into a cute Brunch table.

    Now then, I know I promised better things soon, but soon isn't here yet. I have had one heck of a year and Tablescaping hasn't been at the top of my to do list. I love getting your comments though, they always cheer me up and make me laugh. Thank you for being a little ray of sunshine in my corner of the world.

    Love always jo xx

  2. Wendy, this is SO pretty! I love the milk glass plates and those cheese spreaders! It definitely has a vintage feel to it. Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. Love the table!!!
    Happy HAPPY New Year!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is very Cute! Hope your Holidays were wonderful, and Happy New year to you!!!

  5. What an adorable tablescape...I love the candy canes!!

  6. Hi lovely lady.
    I see you did a Beautiful Tablescape!! I do miss you on my Tablescapes, just put a new one on. Hoping you are doing will.
    XXOO Diane


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